Not having to miss out on anything

But what is it that you enjoy the most? Since the answer is going to be different for everyone and listening environments vary depending on a person’s lifestyle. NovaSense ensures that there is always a hearing aid that’s right for you and your lifestyle, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Every conversation comes with its own unique set of
background sounds. Having a nice chat in your favorite restaurant or in a citypark, the background noises are completely different. That’s why NovaSense hearing aids are designed to handle these different types of background noises so you can understand everything in all sorts of situations.

Small device, big technology

You can imagine a lot of complex technologies make it possible that you can clearly hear the sounds you want while unwanted noise is ignored. Without having to adjust anything yourself. NovaSense hearing aids are beautiful pieces of technology, They are so small, most people will not even notice you are wearing them.

A good conversation

Even without hearing loss it can be dif cult to understand each other in some situations.NovaSense hearing aids are made for you to be able to have good conversations, no matter where you are. But in order to make that happen it takes the combined strength of these three speci c features:

‘Auto Sound Control’, this feature automatically identi es and classi es seven distinct environments, putting special focus on different conver- sation types, each with their own background noise.

‘Sound Director’ this feature dynamically balances the appropriate features to deal with each unique listening scenario while maintaining natural sound quality.

Always stay ahead

NovaSense hearing aids are available at different performance levels (and price levels). You might start with a basic model, but in time your hearing needs can change. NovaSense created a solution for this: Flex:upgrade. Without the need of buying a new hearing aid you can ‘upgrade’ to a higher technical level, making it more compatible with your everyday needs. A Flex:upgrade is easy to do using NovaSense software. When getting older, it doesn’t mean your hearing will too.

More listening comfort

Sometimes you might want a louder sound or even more listening comfort. NovaSense offers a range of accessoires which can transform your hearing aids into a personal sound system. They can wirelessly connect you to devices such as your TV, smartphone or laptop.

These NovaSense accessoires are all made to work with each other. They are an addition to your hearing aids and will make your hearing experience even better.