How it all connects

Picture the following scenario: you are watching TV and can hear every sound with perfect clarity. Then, suddenly, your mobile phone rings. You can hear that clearly too, as the device you are wearing is so intel- ligent that it – if the situation so requires – automatically prioritises one device over the other. A single touch of a button, and what you hear is unmistakably the voice of your sister. She has invited the entire family for dinner, and a few days later you are all gathered around the table at her place. Using a small microphone, you nd the conversations easy to follow. After dinner, you have a chat on your laptop with your son, who lives halfway across the world. His laugh sounds so close, it’s like he’s right there in the room with you…

Usefull extras

All NovaSense accessoires are made to give some extra help in dif cult hearing situations, like watching TV or making a phonecall. On the left page you can see our very usefull extras:


uDirect 3: to change volume or programs and to connect your hearing aids to other devices wirelessly.
uStream: also to change volume or programs and to connect your hearing aids to mobile phone or TV wirelessly.
uMic: to connect your partner or a speech directly to your hearing aids using the uDirect or uStream.
uTV3: to connect your radio or TV to your hearing aids using the uDirect or uStream, so you are not disturbing anyone nor being disturbed by anyone.
RemoteControl2: also to change volume or programs and to be able to enjoy the sound more.
uControlApp: to use your smartphone to control your uDirect
or uStream so nobody will notice you adjusting your hearing aids.

Take care

Routine care of your hearing aid will help to keep the high level of performance and a long service life. NovaSense products are the result of decades of research by experts and are designed to keep you connected so you can always be part of life.

NovaSense hearing aids are robustly built. If your hearing aids are handled properly, they will continue to function for many years and possible problems that may arise during everyday use will be reduced. It’s like with so many things, what you give, you get back.

Cleaning tips

To function optimally you should clean your hearing aid daily with a moist cleansing wipe. Clean the earmold throroughly at least once a week. NovaSense offers complete cleaning kits as well as a wide range of products that will help you to clean and maintain your hearing aid.

A handy companion

Our Starter Set is perfect when you like to travel. Easy and convenient storage, this re-usable bag contains everything you will need to keep hearing devices clean & dry, wherever you are. Provided with a nice brochure explaining the importance of cleaning your hearing aids.